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Helping Victims Find a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Do attacks are, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence—every year over 350,000 dog bite victims visit emergency rooms seeking treatment, and even more victims end up requiring some type of medical attention as a result of a dog bite. Most such attacks in Los Angeles can be avoided by proper training and use of appropriate restraint on dogs. In cases of preventable attacks victims may be entitled to monetary compensation for medical costs incurred, and mental and physical pain and suffering experienced as a result of the dog bite. is dedicated to demystifying the laws around dog attacks in Los Angeles, the responsibilities of owners and the rights of dog bite victims. The goal of this website is to be comprehensive without being convoluted.

Legal Help

Legal help for dog bite victims is usually only a phone call away, as most attorneys specializing in such personal injury cases work on a contingency basis.

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog bite prevention is not only the responsibility of dog owners, but also those who encounter dogs during their daily lives—this generally includes almost everyone.

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

Even though some claim that there are no breeds more prone to aggressive behavior, statistics show that certain breeds are more likely to attack or bite.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

The first course of action should be to get medical attention in order to prevent further complications resulting from the attack such as contracting rabies.